Ever since I stopped working I feel empty

Friend: When I am not out and about I feel empty. Like when I am not doing something. I am not myself anymore. Something happened since I retired. I am not motivated. I have to really push myself

Tyler: Interesting. What’s important about doing something? What’s stopping you from being content doing nothing?

Friend: I just think to sit around is a waste of life. Like when I was growing up I always did things with my father and I enjoyed it so much. We worked around the house, did projects and other fun things. And I loved that.

Tyler: Do you think you are trying to recreate the experience you had with your dad?

Friend: Huh, that is interesting. I do get really upset with my husband when he won’t do projects around my house with me… Maybe I am holding on to that.

Tyler: Can you go back to those “high” moments in your mind. See if you can relive them from a more neutral state, and let them go. I am not saying forget them. But can you neutralize them and process them?

Friend: Yes, I can do that. I feel better. Not as deflated.

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