I feel depressed at night

Recently my wife was feeling depressed at night… We thought it had to do with Grayson because she would worry about him at night. But after many talks working on this idea, we were not able to release the PopUp.

It seemed like no projection, filter or past event technique was working. As we continued to talk about it, something occurred to my wife. “In the morning, I do get really excited. Like if I wake up early I have these thoughts that we have the whole day in front of us and it’s great. Maybe this is a high-low”.

This was a key discovery in releasing this PopUp. Because the solution to high-low is being more mindful and letting go of the high, I told her that she had to become more aware of the “positive” thoughts she has in the morning and to reflect on how those thoughts are connected to the low. By doing this, the pattern was neutralized and she instantly felt better.

This is another cool things about high-low. You don’t need to be experiencing the high to release it. You just have to be able to reflect on the high and see the connection between it to the low.

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