I Feel Ugly

Check out this interaction with a complete stranger. I help get them two releases. One was a filter and one was a projection. Check out the un-edited interaction below:

Stranger: yoy

Stranger: y

Stranger: oyo

Stranger: yo

Stranger: yo

Stranger: hey

You: yo yo yo

You: yo

You: yo

You: hey

Stranger: age

You: 32

You: u

Stranger: Tell if someone is ugly

Stranger: in a pic

You: huh

Stranger: can you tell

You: you said you are interested in therapy, right?

Stranger: yea

You: I have figured out some things about psychology and therapy that have helped me a lot and I want to share them with others.

Stranger: ok

Stranger: what

Stranger: freudian?

You: Its easier to show you then tell you

Stranger: oh

Stranger: ok

You: but we need something that is bothering you

You: to work on

You: do you have a topic?

Stranger: Like anything

You: if its on your mind

You: then yes

Stranger: personal isosues

You: yeah whatever

Stranger: oh ok

Stranger: im ugly

You: ok perfect

You: thank you for sharing

You: and I am sorry

Stranger: ok

Stranger: its ok

You: when do you think about that you are ugly?

You: is it all the time or are there moments in particular where you think about it more

Stranger: When im on tiktok

You: ok so ehn you are not on tiktok you dont think about it

Stranger: oh

You: but when you are on tiktok you think about it

Stranger: yes

Stranger: when im with friends i forget

You: what about when you are alone?

You: just watching a show or something

Stranger: If im focused no

Stranger: If im on tiktok or social medias open yes

You: Ok when you think about that you are ugly, are there any other thoughts or emotions that accompany it?

Stranger: yes

You: what else

Stranger: for which

You: what other thoughts and emotions come with the thought that you are ugly

Stranger: oh

Stranger: frustration and jealousy and anger

Stranger: and sadness

You: Ok so do you think about that you are ugly when you see people who are more attractive on tiktok? we have to pinpiont what exactly causes teh thoughts

You: before we apply the technique

Stranger: When i see people talk about their dating experiences or see them post their videos It comes more

Stranger: on tiktok

Stranger: And i read the comments and i see people compliment the attractive people

You: Ok lets just try a filter

You: So on one hand you have ugly. And there are a bunch of things that go along with being ugly and on the other hand you have attracive and attrictive peopl get compliments etc

You: right?

Stranger: Yes

You: in your mind theres that spectrum

You: Ok so the technique is to reflect on every person you ever encounter and see if your mind has catagorized them as either ugly or attractive

You: and to see if there is a judgement of others based on this as well

You: so can you tink about 3-6 people that you may not have otherwised thougth about hteir looks and uncover taht your mind has categorized them?

You: AS either attractive or not attractive

Stranger: Hmm okay

Stranger: Like my friends

You: yes

Stranger: Ok

You: basically

You: we are trying to catch your mind always making these catagorizations

Stranger: Ohhh

You: even when you didn’t think you were doing it

You: like I bet

You: each friend you have catagorized as iether attractive or not

You: but you may not be fully aware you are doing htis so you have to reflect and see if you have

Stranger: I have 5 of them are attractive 1 wasnt

Stranger: isnt

You: Do you think everyone you ever meet there is a subtle part of your mind that makes a mental note of their attractiveness?

Stranger: Probably

Stranger: Yea

Stranger: I feel it

You: Do you still feel as “tense” about being ugly? Is it as much on your mind? If this worked, it shoudl feel a little less “charged”

You: liek some of the tension was taken out of it

Stranger: I dont feel as tense but i still feel sad

Stranger: About it

You: Ok thats good so we got rid of some of the tension but there is still some sadness around it. When you think of the sadness what else comes to mind?

You: actually first… Does the sadness corrospond with tiktok as well?

Stranger: Somewhat

You: or is there other things that trigger teh sadness?

Stranger: When i see really attractive people and I do on tiktok

Stranger: Because i think its unfair i didnt ask to look like this and i got unlucky but they got lucky and people treat them superior to me

You: Ok lets try something… Just be open to this. “I am upset iwth myself because I treat good looking people superior to ugly people”

You: Can you find times in your life where you treated better looking people better than ugly people?

Stranger: No i dont think so I try to be nice to everyone always

Stranger: Because its not their fault

You: What about this one. I treat myself as inferior because of my looks?

You: can you reflect on that

You: and see if that is true

Stranger: yes

You: when you think about that idea “I treat myself as inferior because of my looks” does it feel like something

You: like hmmm

You: like a release or a ha or interesting… Like makes you think inwardly

Stranger: It feels weird

You: That is good. It is a release

Stranger: Like im like the jerks

Stranger: But to myself

Stranger: But its better than lying to myself

You: Do you feel as sad right now as you did a moment ago?

Stranger: I feel weird

You: if this worked it should feel less so…

You: Ok the weirdness is good

Stranger: Well i was tearing but now i stopped

You: That is good

You: thats the sadness actually being processed

Stranger: Oh

You: so I am thinking

You: that now you wont feel as bad as you did moments ago

You: as sad

You: does it feel a little better?

Stranger: If i think about that idea

Stranger: That i treat myself inferior

You: So you have to thiknk about that idea

You: until you stop feeling emotional about it

Stranger: Okay

You: I believe that is the root of the sadness that you are feeling

You: so you have to process that and reflect on it. Think of all the times and ways you treat yourself as inferior

You: and it sorta burns off as you reflect on it

You: make sense?

Stranger: Yea

Stranger: It does

You: and when it burns off completely, you wont feel as sad as you were a few minutes ago

Stranger: Oh okay

You: are you feeling a bit better now? I am curious where you are at

Stranger: Im thinking of the times i treat myself inferior

You: btw, by making it conscious that you do htis, you will start to not do it , so its a good thing

Stranger: I avoid talking to a lot of people if theyre attractive

Stranger: Like groups

Stranger: Because im not good enough

You: Yes that is a part of this

You: do you still feel emotional thinking about the idea?

You: it usually take a minhute or two to burn off

Stranger: Im feeling calmer

You: good work. Thank you for giving this a try!

Stranger: Thanks

You: I think we released 2 different things and hopefully you feel better

You: NP. See ya

Stranger: bye

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