I Overthink…

Check out this chat I had with a complete stranger on Omegle. I helped them get two releases. One about not accepting themselves and one about overthinking.

You: Hi

Stranger: Hello

You: We both are interested in therapy

Stranger: This is true.

You: What interests you about it?

Stranger: Probably just how a person can change so easily by hearing advice from one person

Stranger: Or that they just need someone to say something so they can donit

Stranger: Do it*

You: yeah that is cool. Has your life ever been changed by hearing advice like that?

Stranger: No not yet.

Stranger: I haven’t gone to therapy yet, but I think it would be a good idea.

You: The reason I am actually on here is that I have figured out some things about psychology and therapy that have helped me a lot and I want to share them with others.

You: Are you open to giving it a try?

Stranger: Yeah sure

You: Ok cool. In order to do this we need a topic. It should be something that is on your mind. Could be something that cuases anxiety, sadness, or thoughts you dont want

You: or even triggers or people who make you upset

You: do you have a topic?

Stranger: Yeah, my personality and how it’s inconsistent

You: Thats a great topic

You: Ok so what do you mean by inconsistent? Can you be more specific?

Stranger: So like

Stranger: I feel like I change a lot through out the week

Stranger: And through the day

Stranger: Personality wise

Stranger: Like some days I’m funnier and look at thing differently

Stranger: Like one day my outlook on something is a lot different that’s what it was the day before

Stranger: But this turns into a sort of repetitive thing

Stranger: Where I’m having the same realizations

You: Where does the negativity come in? Why is this something you want to change?

You: btw I am asking qeustions because we have to pinpoint something that we can then apply the technique to

Stranger: Okay

Stranger: I would say it’s because I’m worried that I wouldn’t do well in a relationship

Stranger: There’s a person that is interested in me and I’m worried that my sudden changes might affect that

You: Ok so it sounds like there are no issues with you having those changes except that it may affect a relationship. Like if you met someone who totallya ccepted you, there would be no issue. Is that right?

Stranger: Yeah

You: Ok now when you say worry, what exactly does that mean? It’s helpful to know what thoughts youa re having and any sensations you have in the body (tension, etc)

You: what makes up the worry you experience?

Stranger: Yeah I definitely feel more tense at certain times but I don’t think the tension is about anything specific

You: If the tension comes at certain times and leaves at other times, there must be soem external trigger that causes it.

You: If you reflect on say the past few days, can you pinpoint something?

You: maybe it could be interacting with the opposite sex or soemthing related to relationships

You: watching a show or something… Just trying to jog ideas

Stranger: I think I’m just tense and then I stop myself

Stranger: I’m just an uptight person

You: What thoughts coincide with the tension?

Stranger: But I can stop it

Stranger: Probably just constantly overthinking in general

You: what do you overthink about

Stranger: Everything, I guess. Mostly interactions, conversations etc

You: ok good interactions with others

You: even same sex?

Stranger: Yes

Stranger: Everyone.

You: Do the thoughts come afte rthe interaction, before or during?

Stranger: All of the above

Stranger: Unless I don’t know the interaction is going to happen

You: Ohhh so if anything is spontaneous it doesnt cuase overthinking

You: but a planned interaction is different?

Stranger: Yeah

You: Ok lets try 2 things.

You: First thing

You: You said you were worried that a partner wouldnt accept you becuase of your mood changes.

You: The technique is a turnaorund. “I am worried I wont accept myself because of my mood changes”. Can you read this and see if there is some truth in it

You: Or… I am worried I wont accept someone else if their moods changes

You: do either of those statements resonate. It should feel like an “ah ha” or kinda make you think a little

Stranger: Yeah the first one

You: ok great

You: so just reflect on the first statement

You: maybe read it a few times. By becoming aware of this it can release

You: and you will feel better

You: So checking in… do you feel as worried about a partner not accepting you right now as you did before we talked?

Stranger: No

You: that is excellent

You: do you think you still will overthink conversations? I have an idea for that one as well

Stranger: Yes.

You: Ok

Stranger: Mostly while it’s happening.

You: It would be very helpful to know what kind of thoughts you think while having a conversation

Stranger: Just basically “I am having a conversation”

Stranger: It sucks

Stranger: Because then I’m not thinking about talking to the person

You: So the thought “I am having a conversation” causes tension

You: its like an extra layer of thought?

You: during a conversation

Stranger: Yeah totally

You: and where is the tension in your body

You: while this is happening?

You: chest, gut, throat?

Stranger: Chest for sure

You: Ok. and now you are pretty sure its happening during the conversation? More than before or after

Stranger: I mean I do think about thinking about the thinking while having the conversation afterwards

Stranger: It gets confusing lol

You: thats ok

You: but it is mostly for planned conversations right?

You: istead of spontaneous ones?

Stranger: I mean it takes longer to kick in for the spontaneous ones I’d say

You: ok lets just try this and see if it works.

You: you don’t have to tell me what the event is, but I am going to write a few things and let me know if a memory comes to you from the past.

You: Can you think of a time when you knew you were going to have a conversation. You were very worried about that conversation. There was tension in your chest. And you were thinking “I am having a conversation”. What was the first time you ever experienced this?

You: when you find the original event, you may also feel some emotion. it could be growing up, first friend, first girl you talked to

You: something that corrosponds with that information.

Stranger: Yeah so I think this is a very new thing

Stranger: I only started doing it like last year

You: do you remember the first time?

Stranger: No

Stranger: Maybe it was with a friend or something but I don’t remember

You: ok thank you for giving that a try

You: when you are having a conversation and you are overthinking, what do you think you’re worried about?

You: I would guess you are overthinking because you are worried about something

You: how it goes or somethign like that

Stranger: It’s basically just worrying about overthinking now

Stranger: It’s weird

You: Did you ever lose a friend or a partner becuase you were overthinking?

You: maybe this started becuase of a consequence from overthinking

You: or maybe you saw someone else experience a consequence from overthinking

You: jsut some other ideas to explore

Stranger: Oh wait hold up

Stranger: I think I remember the first time

Stranger: Like it really started

Stranger: It was with a friend who I hadn’t hung out with in a while at the time

Stranger: A few years ago

Stranger: And we used to have a really good dynamic

Stranger: And I went over to her house for the first time in a while

Stranger: But i was thinking

Stranger: About what I was saying

Stranger: It was boring

You: That is important to remember

You: So by remembering this experience, do you feel something “shift” in your mind?

You: like sometimes its an ah ha

You: you said oh wait oh wait

You: because thats a sign we may have had another relase

Stranger: Yeah probably

You: ok great. so you may want to reflect on the time you met with your friend and you were thinkingw hat you were saying is boring. The more you can remember and relive that experience the better

You: but only need to do it a few minutes maybe not even at all

You: I am hoping you stop thinking about thinkign now 🙂

You: what do you think?

Stranger: Yeah that was cool, thanks

You: np. If you want to learn more or read up on this, my website is tylerrustin.com

You: I am hoping to one day help people for my job. Right now I work in sales lol

Stranger: Oh lol

You: I appreciate you taking the time.

You: Take care

Stranger: I hope you can find a job in this, your great

Stranger: Good luck

Stranger: Thanks

You: thank you. let me know if you want help with more things.

You: bye

Stranger: Bue

Stranger has disconnected.

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