I Repel People


You: Hi

Stranger: Hello

You: We are both interested in psychology

You: what interests you?

Stranger: I am learning about it

Stranger: It is an interesting subject to learn about mind.

You: Yes I agree…

You: I have figured out some things about psychology and therapy that have helped me a lot and I want to share them with others. Open to giving it a try?

Stranger: Sure

You: Ok cool. In order to do this, we need a topic. It should be something that is on your mind. Could be something that causes anxiety, sadness, or thoughts you don’t want

Stranger: Insecurity

You: Ok good topic. In order for this process to work, we have to be really specific. Can you share specirfically how insecurity shows up in yoru mind?

You: Like the thoughts you have

Stranger: It creates this fear that no one likes me

You: Ok so you have the thought “no one likes me”. Any other thoughts or things to share about the feeling you are having?

You: The more thoughts we have to work with the more likely this will work

Stranger: That I repel people

You: Ok and is this all people? Or is there a certain situation where its more present?

Stranger: No certain situation , it is all the people

You: Ok thank you for sharing. Anything else I should know before we try a few things?

You: about this feeling?

You: and thoughts?

Stranger: No that’s all

You: Ok lets try a few things. We are looking for something to “click”

You: youll know if something clicks

Stranger: Okay

You: Step 1 is turnarounds

You: No one likes me -> I dont like me

You: I repel people -> I repel myself

You:I dont like anyome”

You: Thats all I could think of… any clicks?

Stranger: Yes, I don’t like anymore that I don’t like me

You: Ok the clicks are good

You: it may feel uncomfortabel at first

You: but it means something is releasing

You: So whatever clicked, just focus on that for a bit and try to reflect on it

You: see where it shows up and gain awareness around it. let me know when you have done that

Stranger: Okay

You: Ok now befoe we got to the next step I want to check in

Stranger: What is Step 2

You: “no one likes me”


“I repel people”

You: ^ do those thoughts feel the same to you ?

You: as they did when we started

Stranger: No

You: So that “shift” could mean we resolved that particular though pattern. Usually that means step 2 is not necessary

You: How do you feel?

Stranger: I still feel the same

You: Ok, you still feel insecure?

Stranger: Yes

You: Ok and now when you think about your insecurity, are there different thoughts?

You: or the same ones?

Stranger: Step 1 helped but it is not 100%

Stranger: No, same thoughts

You: Ok lets try step 2, although we have limited data for it. Lets just see if something comes to mind

You: Step 2…

Stranger: Okay

Stranger: Thank you

You: Can you think of a time when you repelled a person. They didnt like you. And it hurt you

You: If this works a memory will come to mind…

You: You shouldnt have to think too hard

Stranger: Yes

You: Ok 1 memory or multiple?

Stranger: Multiple

You: Ok now you want to reflect on all the memories of this happening

You: Do any of the memories contain emotion?

You: like makes you feel uncomfortable to think it

Stranger: Yes

You: Ok so usually that discomfort is unprocessed and so its been kinda sitting in your mind. By dealing with the memories directly (the source of the discomfort) you can process it

You: So you have to reflect on teh uncomfortable memories until they process. It doesnt take too long

You: 1 min

You: The goal is to be able to think about the memorys that are uncomfortable long enough that the discomfort burns off in a sense or processes

Stranger: Okay

You: let me know when you’ve done that

You: take your time

Stranger: Done

You: Ok lets check in

You: “no one likes me”


“I repel people”

You: ^ do they feel different?

You: the thoughts

Stranger: Yes

You: thats good. Tell me about it? I am curious to hear from you

Stranger: I like myself and I do not care if someone doesn’t like me

You: You feel better?

Stranger: Yes

You: Thank you for giving this a try

Stranger: Thank you

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