I Think Too Much


You: Hi

Stranger: Hello

You: We are both interested in Psychology

You: What interests you about it?

Stranger: Yeah, I guess

Stranger: It was actually my college course and I want to learn more about it.

You: Oh thats cool

You: Are you in college?

Stranger: I am

Stranger: how about u?

You: I am out of college… Went to school about 10 years ago

Stranger: Oh god

You: I have figured out some things about psychology and therapy that have helped me a lot and I want to share them with others. Open to giving it a try?

You: It will def make for an interesting convo

Stranger: I would love to.

You: Ok cool. In order to do this, we need a topic. It should be something that is on your mind. Could be something that causes anxiety, sadness, or thoughts you don’t want

You: a problem

Stranger: I found a new one.

Stranger: Why do people choose to end their life instead of surviving and looking for a possible solutionss to them?

You: Hmmm lets see. So is this an idea that is sticking around on your mind? I want to find something that we can work on “releasing”

Stranger: Yes

You: Ok, let’s see what we can do about it.

Stranger: Okay.

You: when does this thought show up? Are there any triggers or circumstances where its more present?

Stranger: I am just curious.

Stranger: and I knew someone who wants to end her life

You: ok but this is a thougth that you wish would go away, right?

You: If the situation of your friend never changed, would you still want your thoughts baout it to go away

You: ?

Stranger: No.

You: Then this wont work 🙂

You: It has to be on something that you want to go away

You: anxiety, frustration, sadness

You: things that cause those things

Stranger: overthink. Is it possible?

You: Yes I have helped someone with that exact same topic

You: So step 1, is getting very clear. When you overthink, what are teh thoughts going on in your head?

Stranger: A lot of what ifs, self-doubt, and questioning

You: Ok, are there any thoughts you can share directly. For example, “Oh I shouldnt have said that” like the exact thoughts are kinda important for this exercise

Stranger: like “what if I am not capable of my chosen career?, what if I failed? What if I won’t find my the one? What if I’ll die tomorrow?”

You: Ok thats helpful

You: So are there any times when those thoughts are more present?

You: like any triggers to the thoughts?

You: times when you overthink more

Stranger: It triggers a lot at night when I can’t sleep or I saw someone who is already happy on his/her success

You: Ok great

You: Last question before step 2

You: “What if I won’t find my the one?”

You: what is that referring to ?

Stranger: I am referring to my future partner

You: ok thank you

Stranger: You’re welcome!

You: Ok step 2 is called turnarounds. As we go through this process we are looking for “clicks” something that clicks In the mind you will know if something clicks. If something clicks, just type “click”

You: cool?

Stranger: cool

You: Alright I am going to write a few turnaround statements. If they dont click that is o

You: k

You: What if I am capable in my chosen careeer

You: What if I succeeded

You: What if I do find the one

Stranger: click

You: What if I live

You: Ok reflect on the click

You: a little

You: Which one clicked the most?

Stranger: The second statement

You: Cool

You: Now sometimes after a click, the thoughts subside. You can usually tell

You: if not we move on to the next step

You: You can sometimes sense the overthinking isn’t going to happen anymore. but its ok if you dont know

Stranger: we can move on.

You: Ok before we go on the next step, you had these thoughts:

You: “what if I am not capable of my chosen career?,


what if I failed?


What if I won’t find the one?


What if I’ll die tomorrow?”

You: do you still feel like these are as “charged” or present in you mind?

Stranger: Yes

You: are there any modifications to them now that youve had a click?

Stranger: charged.

You: more charged?

Stranger: yeah?

You: Ok so the emotional intensity is great now, right?

You: greater*

Stranger: what?

You: Nvm its all good

You: lets try next step

You: ok?

Stranger: Ok

You: Can you think of a time in the past, you or someone else, was not capable in their chosen career, they failed, they didnt find the one and they may have passed away?

You: just see if something comes up. if a memory does come up, its a click

You: maybe you knew they were going to die tomorrow

You: if this worked, a memory will bubble up you shouldnt have to think too hard

Stranger: something comes up

You: ok now that thing, does it contain emotion when you think about it? Like it makes you a little uncomfortable to think about?

Stranger: It is. I’m kinda uncomfortable

You: Ok that is actually good

You: so sometimes the thinking is because something wasn’t fully processed about a past event

You: so when we rethink it the discomfort comes up

You: the good news is when you reflect on the original event, you can process the discomfort

You: and it will go away

You: this could help you stop overthinking if you can fully process it

You: make sense?

Stranger: It really makes sense.

You: Ok take a moment and just reflect on the memory that came up. See if you can really feel the discomfort, allow it to come in and process

You: it doesnt take long usually

You: Let me know when you are ready

Stranger: I’m ready

You: Ok. After each step I check in.

You: “what if I am not capable of my chosen career?,


what if I failed?


What if I won’t find the one?


What if I’ll die tomorrow?”

You: ^ these were your thoughts from the beginning

Stranger: yes

You: Do you feel a difference now when you thinka bout them

Stranger: Yes

You: Less present, less charged?

Stranger: Yes

You: In my experience, you will stop having those thoughts

You: I mean you can think them still but they wont come up without you wanting them to

You: What do you think?

Stranger: I love it.

You: Thanks for giving this a try

Stranger: Thanks for helping me also!

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