My Career Is A Wreck…

I was having a very hard time the past few days… My temper was incredibly short and I was on edge. The smallest thing could set me off and make me angry and upset. I snapped a few times at my wife and my mom. I knew I was being nasty, but I felt so nasty inside that I couldn’t help myself.


Now I knew this was a PopUp, but if I am really honest, I was in such a bad state that I found it hard to get distance from my own bad mood to work on myself. I was struggling with “how” to release this one. Because I wasn’t having complete thoughts that stuck out to me, I didn’t know what techniques to use and how to work on it.  I floundered a bit in this negative state but after a few days of conflict and being upset in myself, I finally got to a point where I needed to do something. My mood was starting to affect my relationships and making me feel very depressed.

So I finally laid down sat down and wrote what I was upset about. Sort of like journaling, I just thought about what was frustrating me.

Here are the key notes:

I feel like my career is in the gutter

I feel like a loser 

Since there didn’t seem to be a filter, projection or high-low I decided to do the past events technique. I tried to think back to other times I felt this way. I was able to come up with 2 other moments and as I remembered them I felt my mood shift. The negative energy released and I felt immediately better.

This work is very hard. It is something that feels impossible in the moments where you feel your worst. Even for me, it can be hard. But the releases are worth it. And it’s much better than just being stuck.

I hope this story gives you hope if you are in a tough place. Try out the techniques and see if they can help you as well.

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