Nervous and excited when my website traffic increased

Today, the website traffic of my site shot up. I think it corresponded with a post I made on LinkedIn, but I was not expecting it. When I saw the analytics, I felt super excited but also very nervous. I recognized the feeling because I also felt this way when I started my previous company. When we started to make sales and traffic increased, I got nervous and excited.

So this time around, I was wise to the idea that this was a PopUp. I knew it was because I felt the tension in my body. I tried meditating on it and releasing it, but I just couldn’t shake it. So I decided to explore my mind to find the underlying Web Page that corresponded with the PopUp. I didn’t want to let this one blow over again. I had experienced it too many times and I wanted to let it go.

So I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts.

I am nervous and excited when people start to come to my site. It\’s like I want them to come and for it to be successful but then when they reciprocate, I get nervous.


So I scanned my life for a matching event. At first nothing surfaced, and then I remembered what it was like courting my first GF in high school. I liked this girl and when I found out she liked me back, I got extremely nervous and excited! As I realized this, I felt a subtle shift in my state and knew I had found the Open Page. The emotions got a bit more intense after I found it. The tension in my body grew to a pit in my chest.

It took about 2 hours for the emotions to burn off. I didn’t have to do anything special. Was just watching shows with my wife. Now that I became aware of the source the emotions could process.

It’s always been funny to me how the smallest, goofiest things can still affect us in such major ways. I am happy I found this one. Now, if more people check out my site, I will be happy, but not nervous :).

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