She’s being sneaky!

Friend: I think I have a popup… I am super irritated by my houseworker.

Tyler: What’s irritating you?

Friend: Well, she is only going to have time for 2 hours today and I usually pay her for 3. I feel like she is expecting the full rate but that’s not fair, right?

Tyler: Let’s try a turnaround. Can you complete the sentence: I am annoyed with her because…

Friend: I am annoyed with her because she is not honest about the hours she works.

She is being sneaky

Tyler: Ok, I am annoyed with myself because I am not honest about the hours I work. I am being sneaky. Does that ring true about yourself?

Friend: Oh yea! I definitely would sneak out early at work even though I was being paid for a full day. I’ve definitely done that in the past. Ok, we got it. I feel much better.

This was a simple turnaround and by my friend making this realization we were able to release the popup. 

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